How do I Enable Flash?

If you are being asked to install Flash and you already have it installed, the next step is to ensure the Flash plugin is enabled.  

Chrome – enable by address bar.  (1)  Right click on the lock or the words "Not Secure" (2) Change the Flash Setting to (3) Allow.

In the image below, this is a scenario in Chrome when player shows time-out, (1) click the puzzle piece (2) click Allow and the screen will reload.

Below are the steps to enable flash for Firefox.  If you are using Firefox and the content is not loading, (1) right click the brick at the beginning of the URL. (2) click Allow to enable Flash.

Below are the steps to enable flash for Microsoft Edge. If you are using Edge and the content is not loading, (1) click the puzzle piece at the end of the URL (2) Allow Adobe Flash to run.

For Safari you still need to go through the preferences menu. The learner is displayed a message that the player timed out:

Open Preferences from the Safari menu:

It should open to the “Websites” area but if not select it from the top and then click the checkbox for the Flash Plugin:

Make sure the site where you are accessing the course is listed under the currently open websites panel and change the option to on and then exit the Preferences area: